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sisters & sparrows

Poetry. Photography. Life.

I’ve always admired bloggers.  They always seem to be eloquent and witty and also at the same time terribly, irrepressibly normal.  That is if normal means having amazing, creative jobs, cute families, travelling the world, being amazing photographers/artists/thinkers and generally just too nice to be real.  So I’ve been hooked on blogs for a couple of years.  There are hundreds that I love and a good few that I’m addicted to and a couple that I just can’t go a whole day without checking.  I’m sure you’ll hear about them all pretty soon.  If you’re not reading them already!

I thought I’d join in anyway.  Because I like good food and pretty things and gorgeous clothes and flowers and high heels as much as the next person, and I never get sick of telling people about everything that inspires me.  Here I am then!

I live in a town on the Welsh border which is full of black and white buildings and a castle, in a house on the river bank.  There is a plum tree in our garden.  Sometimes foxes and pheasants manage to get in and strut about on the lawn in full view.  A kingfisher lives on the island in front of our house, and horses live in a field over the river.  

I live with my parents.  My sister uses our garage as a studio because she is An Artist, something mysterious and undefinable which seems to involve getting very stressed at certain times of the year and doing almost nothing at others.  But what she definitely does do is paint beautiful landscapes which sell – or don’t sell – for a pittance (or so she says, looks like a lot to me).  Check out her site, it’s lovely. 

My Dad’s a semi-famous, super-busy psychiatrist and likes to analyse our ailments, mental and physical, at the dinner table.  My mother is an accounts-managing, clothes-washing, dinner-making wonder-woman.  She’s our rock.  I’m at college studying Lit, French and History, writing too many essays and skim-reading way too many ‘literary’ books.  I’m also a pianist and a I sing alto and I’m a girl who’s ‘good with words.’ You can vouch for that – or not, as the case may be!

That’s me, that’s the Introduction.  I’ll be back in a bit to start Paragraph Two, and that will hopefully be less wordy and more interesting.

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