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Hurrah!  I’m off to my friend’s wedding this afternoon.  It took me an absolute age to decide what to wear – what do you wear to a November wedding?  Considering my (tiny) budget?  In the end I bought a long black dress from coast which I could wear a million times again.  To tone it down – and jazz it up – i’ve got a cropped green cardi, a massive teal flower pin, and purple tights and shoes.  Sounds kind of hideous but i think – i hope – it works.  Anyway I guess it’s not really important what I look like, just being there will be fantastic!

The bride is a girl from my church.  I’ve known her since I was about three so she feels a bit like a cousin.  I’m so excited to see all the details she’s chosen.  Her dress has been made by her mum, as have the bridesmaid dresses, but her veil was a bargain at just £15.  Which is brilliant!  Apparently it’s a giant churchy one too.

Another thing I can’t wait to see is the flowers.  They haven’t gone overboard with traditional, super expensive flowers.  But she’s got blue hydrangeas and ivory roses in her bouquet which sounds like a dream combination to me.  And she’s got thistles in the flower displays – and hopefully in the guys’ buttonholes as well.  Another brilliant idea.

Right.  I’ve got forty five minutes to get completely ready, so I’d better make a start.  And hydrangeas being one of my favourite flowers of all time, I’ll leave you with a picture or two of them to brighten your day.  I’m really sorry I can’t credit them because they’ve been hanging around in my inspiration folder for so long I’ve forgotten where I’ve found them.  

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