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Today’s inspiration:


Mmmm… love raspberries, love Paris; love Amelie, love Yann Tiersen.

Picture found here.

This scene is fantastic.  When we (me and my brother and sisters and my friend) went to Paris, we went to the  Fête des Tuileries, and we bought ice slushies in three flavours and my brother and my friend got soaked on one of the rides and we went on the big wheel but most importantly we went on the ghost train.

And it wasn’t at all scary except that at the end there really was a man dressed up like a ghost and he touched our hair and my sister grabbed his hand and he had to pull himself away so that he didn’t get brought into the LIGHT.

It was like a fairy tale coming true.  Kind of.  

If only it had really been Mathieu Kassovitz.

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist a photo.

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