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You see, I’ve always quite liked Robin Hood.  I suppose it originates from my childhood obsession with King Arthur (and all his lovely manly gentlemanly knights of course).  I like the fact that he steals from the rich. That is just so cool. 

BUT I’ve never been too sure about men wearing tights.  I mean, what is that?  I just don’t get it at all.  I suppose if you’re running about waving swords and climbing trees and riding horses then it might offer the ultimate freedom of movement, but really, is that necessary?  And how did they make tights in the olden days?  Without lycra, how is that possible?  Strange.

So next week I’m off to the Medieval Fayre (spelt with a lovely olde-english ‘Y’ of course) and I’m positive that I will see many men in tights, gallavanting around, singing madrigals and jousting.

I’m trying to persuade my friends to dress up a little too.  Only problem is, how do I choose between these?

Now here’s a lovely picture of a few men in tights, from this film:


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