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You know when you want to buy clothes, and you’re looking at a catalogue and all the models are unfeasibly beautiful?  And you know that they’ve taken hours having the clothes arranged perfectly on their bodies and having the photos retouched?  And you know that, even if you have got a body like that, and the clothes really do hang like that, when you get it home, that skirt or that top will never look quite as good on you. Either it’s not that well made – sticky zips, dodgy hemming – or it’s just made for the one percent of women who look like models. 

Well, I reckon you probably know how that feels.

I found somewhere different.  Gudrun Sjödén.  The models are stunning but atypical – some are curvy, some are really old.  The clothes are amazingly wacky but beautiful.  You get the feeling that everything’s been thought through and well-made.  And the photography is GREAT.



Also, the designers come from Sweden!  Or somewhere northern anyway.

How cool is that?!


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