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I’ve been dreaming often lately, and very strangely indeed.  Last night I dreamt that I was growing extra toes; two on the left foot and three on the right, and it was very painful and made me quite self-conscious. 

Recently we talked about Freud and the psychology of dreams in English, and my teacher said that if you want to remember dreams, you really do have to write them down.  So I’ve kind of decided to keep a dream diary, when I can remember to.  Just because, more often than not, my dreams are so bizarre they make me chuckle.  

But if I am going to keep one, I want something like this to write it all in:

From here.

The thing is, I might need a massive padlock on it, because apparently dreams reveal what you are subconciously thinking.  And what would people think of me if they knew what I was subconciously thinking!  What am I subconciously thinking, anyway?  It worries me.

Tell me your strangest dreams.  I want to know!

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