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I’m taking a day off from college, because I’m quite ill.   My throat has turned into sandpaper, and my lungs are bursting, and my head feels hollow and my back aches.  The whole state of affairs wasn’t helped by singing carols all weekend… but I wouldn’t have missed it.   

So today I’m taking a break.  I’ve been drinking honey and lemon non-stop, and doping myself up with lots of painkillers, and I have of course stayed in the obligatory pyjamas.  I thought I’d use the time to fish for a bit more inspiration for you lovely folks reading, because I know I’ve been a bit lazy over the weekend.



This looks like such a lovely spread.  If you can knit (I’ve tried it a couple of times, and am woefully awful at it), you should definitely make one of these cute tea cosies.  If you do it, send me a picture and I will give it marks out of ten for cosiness.

Hei Astrid‘s photos of her beautiful city in the snow are making me feel very jealous.  I really, really want to visit Norway.  


For foodie inspiration, I can always rely on Cannelle et Vanille.   You have my full permission to make these turron macarons and send them to me as a Christmas treat… 

One more thing you can do for me.  I want you to say this…

…to someone you really admire but don’t know or speak to much.  It will give you SUCH a glowy feeling.  Try it.  I dare you.  When you’ve done it, tell me, and tell me what they replied.  I want to know!

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