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sisters & sparrows

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These lovely photos by Hannah-Read Baldrey make me wish it was spring.  The jewellery woven into the nest is inspired. 

Although today, my parents and I went for a long, long, wintry walk starting from a valley called ‘Ashes Hollow’ which was as beautiful as its name.   Whole hillsides were white with frost all day and in some places the path had turned into a sheet of thick ice.   We walked along by the side of one of those bell-sounding streams for a lot of the way, and then got up on to the ridge, and walked across the Long Mynd with views back over Shrewsbury.  And because it was really misty at home it looked like a white sea, and the hills were islands, while we were standing in the lovely warm sun. 

And then we went for hot soup because our ears were freezing off.  And then we drove home through the mist and it was just gorgeous!


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