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Hello My Lovlies! It’s A here from Miel et Cannelle, welcome to one of my favorite sources of all things sweet and inspiring, Fishing for Beautiful. Fran always has the ability to make me gawk, her blog is lovely, beautiful, inspiring, and she’s just such a nice gal. So we cooked up in our little pastel colored hearts a plan to do a blog swap! So if you’re looking for Fran, she’s here (and I hope she brought a warm coat. It’s chilly in our Canadian blogosphere..*smile*). I’ve decided to do a little Sunday Kind of Love blog for Fran. If we ever hung out – (and trust me, you never know) these are the things I’d want to do/see/buy/eat and drink with Fran. Here’s to you Fran, and all that you do!

Sea Bear

Sea Bear

{I would definately make Seabear the sountrack to our day – Or, if we were really lucky, we could go and see them! This Reykjavik based sept-tet of awesome is my new favorite find, and I can only cross my fingers they’ll cross the ocean for me. “Arms” is my favorite right now, the strings are beautiful and sweet and warm. The singer reminds me of a younger Sam Beam, full of sweetness and depth. Great hanging out, Super 8 music.}


{This would be my hostess gift to Fran. These incredible prints from Beth Dow’s “In the Garden” project seem to blur the line between illustration and photography, garden and wilderness. Even more incredible? They’re on 20X200 for only 20$ right now.}


{We would definately throw these little beauties into our purses to take shopping. I mean, to relax in the evening.. er.. Sofia Coppola’s “SofiaMinis” are just too adorable to pass up – sparkling wine in a can, the perfect mix of high and low. ps- I am only recommending these in theory – the design is good, but the wine… know. Let’s just be thankful she’s a great filmmaker, but liken her wine to her acting shall we.. *cough…Godfather…cough*}


{What purses you ask? These purses. I’m saving dimes in my mason jar for one of these beauties from Red Ruby Rose. She’s got 5 pages of absolutely beautiful clutches, I’m sure Fran and I could find a couple for ourselves..}


{I would definately enjoy perusing these fabulous bracelets with Fran.. Created from sterling chain, vintage rhinestones, thread and handpainted leather, these stunning creations by New York artist Katherine Sturgis seem like they would be right up Fran’s alley. Or her arm. So beautiful!} matroy

{I’m down for matching if Fran is.. I’d love to sport a pair of these Gypsy-eque Matryoshka flats from ModCloth, they are so pretty and sweet looking! Can’t get your fix of retro indie mod clothing? They’ll fix you up..}


{I would gladly spend hours browsing Shorpy with Fran. Named after a teenage coal miner that lived 100 years ago (Shorpy, not Fran) this site is an incredible index and archive of photos. I gasp a lot surfing this site, you’ve got fair warning Fran.}


{To be honest, I’m a bad thank-you note writer.. So when our day was done, I’d leave Fran a little virtual note on the catalogue card generator here.}

Phew! That was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed our virtual day together Fran, and I hope that you’re lovin’ this blog swap as much as I am. Take care Lovelies, thank you for another wonderful Sunday!


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