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sisters & sparrows

Poetry. Photography. Life.

I LOVE these drawings by Martine Rupert so so much.  I really do.  They’re just so intricate and personal and … well… cool!  

I’d love to commission one.  But of where?  It would be such a dilemma for me…  If you were asking Martine to make you one of these pictures, where would you choose?  And why?

Incidentally I’m loving this poem by Walt Whitman:

I see the cities of the earth, and make myself a 
part of them, 
I am a real Londoner, Parisian, Viennese, 
I am a habitan of St. Petersburgh, Berlin, Constantinople, 
I am of Adelaide, Sidney, Melbourne, 
I am of Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Limerick, 

I am of Madrid, Cadiz, Barcelona, Oporto, Lyons, 
Brussels, Berne, Frankfort, Stuttgart, Turin, 
I belong in Moscow, Cracow, Warsaw — or north- 
ward in Christiana or Stockholm — or in 
some street in Iceland, 
I descend upon all those cities, and rise from them 

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