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SNOW snow snow snow!!!!  For the first time in YEARS we are having proper snow that is actually MORE THAN ONE CENTIMETRE deep!  It is SO beautiful I love it.  It was virtually impossible to concentrate in lessons today.  We had a snow fight in the quarry as soon as college was over (to be fair, as soon as we couldn’t feel our fingers we went for coffee) and it was amazing to see Shrewsbury so beautiful.  My town looks pretty good in black and white.  Kind of like Audrey Hepburn… I guess black and white does everyone and everything a few favours. 

Also the snow is perfect, that squeaky, sparkly stuff that packs really well.  Fantastic!! 

The quarry, in case you wondered, is our town park.  It runs down to the river and has these lovely tall trees.  Where the actual old quarry used to be is now a lovely garden with bright and pretty flowers and ducks and a lake.  I love it.  Anyway, the picture above is a very old lantern slide from this site.

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