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sisters & sparrows

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Here they are!  Sorry I didn’t get chance to do this yesterday.  I’ve just been playing with the scanner.  It’s so funny because I’d carefully put the polaroid face down and let go and it would gently gently drift out of place.  It took me ages to get them reasonably straight.

I took this on the way to school, at 8:35 am, on the prettily and rather pretentiously named castle walk.  I just knew that at that time in the morning the light would be gorgeous and everything would be pinkish orange.  I did get some funny looks, though, because I just kind of wondered off the path at various intervals and pointed my camera around until I got a shot I was happy with.  

It developed kind of funny in that bottom right hand corner, maybe because of the cold?  I stuck it in my pocket but it might have been poking an ear out. 

And I wasn’t even late (ok, maybe a minute or two.  But that was way more to do with the fact that the paths and pavements were dead slippy and icy and it was super cold and i had to take funny careful little steps quite a lot.)

I took this one at lunchtime.  We were halfway through a mini-snowfight.  I was so excited when I was taking it that I kind of forgot to hold the camera still.  So it’s a bit blurred.  Never mind!  I think it adds to the excitement of the shot.  I prefer the first one as a photo… but I love the second one because it’s of my gorgeous friends.


So there you go!  Today was snowy too.  Mum said, if there’s a lot of  ‘high pressure weather systems’ coming accross in winter, it is likely to stay the same in summer — ie; cold winter = hot summer.  I don’t really get much of this weather forecast jargon (even though Dad always makes us all shut up when it comes on over tea) but that sounds great to me!


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