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Now, I’ve got a rather obscene amount of  homework to do at the moment.  This consists of:

  • An Essay on Hamlet –

‘Polonius is nothing more than a self-serving, meddling fool whom the audience dislikes.’

‘Polonius is a complex character who tries to balance his duties as a caring father and loyal advisor to the king.’

What evidence is there in the text to support these views?  How do you think Shakespeare presents Polonius?

  • A History Coursework on the British Empire.  I have done two sections and now need to answer this one;

To what extent are ‘New Imperialism’ and the Diamond Jubilee evidence of a new, more confident phase in the empire’s history?

How much of a turning-point in the strength of the empire was the Boer War?

How much support was there across British society and the political parties for these ideas?

  • A French Coursework, for which I set myself a stupidly difficult question, 500 words of which must be submitted by this time next week –

Examiner les thèmes de l’amour et la jalousie dans Bonjour Tristesse par Françoise Sagan et Miss Harriet par Guy de Maupassant, et les différences entre les approches des histoires.    

  • Preparation for my French oral, which will be about Marie Antoinette – la derniere reine de la France – looking not only at her place in history but her relevance to today’s culture and fashion trends
  • Reading First World War literature for a massive synoptic exam and thinking about how I can compare and contrast the ones I have read
  • Swatting up on literary criticism
  • Learning quotes from Hamlet and the Lyrical Ballads
  • Learning French verb conjugations (which, despite having studied French for like 7 years, I STILL DON’T GET)





I will try to be good and keep up with the blog, but if i’m not around here so much in the next week or so, that’s why.  Sorry. 

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