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Woohoo! It’s Sophie here and the lovely Fran has invited Rachel and I to commandeer her blog for the week whilst she makes a dent in her hefty workload! We have decided to each take turns and do a post every other day for the next week so we’ve got some interesting snippets coming up to fill the void Fran has left!

Well, it’s the time of year when the glitterati get their glad rags on and hitch a limo to the many award ceremonies. I’ve got to admit that I get a teensy bit excited about it every year, since the day that I got up at 4 am UK time to check if Johnny Depp had won the Best Actor Oscar for “Pirates of the Caribbean” (coincidentally one of my favourite films). He hadn’t. And that was the start of my fascination with awards season (as I like to call it) and my lifelong dislike of Sean Penn for pipping Cap’n Jack Sparrow to the proverbial post.


So last night I settled down with a mug of hot chocolate and switched on the Baftas. Ten minutes late. Anyway I heard the arrivals were as always beautiful dressed and here are my pick of the best:


Dev Patel and Freida Pinto of wonderful film “Slumdog Millionaire” looked looked handsome and stunning respectively and I adore Freida’s Oscar De La Renta creation. I’m also thrilled that Slumdog pretty much swept the board, just like it deserved to.


Kate Winslet you are such a star! I’m so thrilled that she won for her film The Reader. And two nominations in the same category? You go Kate! Plus, after her acceptance speech at the Globes, she can do anything in my book and still be on top. And I’m sorry, but forgetting Angelina Jolie’s name was priceless.


Thandie Newton looks beautiful and natural and glamorous at the same time in vintage.

And the guys?

Dominic Cooper, your suit is as swish as your pose.



Brad Pitt looked rather dashing (I love that word!) in Tom Ford and Angelina looked pretty good too.



I don’t think there were many surprises this year as all seemed deserving. The moment where Heath Ledger was awarded a posthumous Bafta for his role as The Joker in “The Dark Knight” did make me (along with everyone shown in the audience) pretty teary. It was well deserved.

As always, the Baftas highlighted a few more films that I am now dying to see. Woody Allen’s flick “Vicky Christina Barcelona” looks brilliant!

So what does this mean for the Oscars? After just coming back from seeing “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, I would be pretty pleased if that won some more awards. See it if you want to cry hysterically, find a new appreciation for Brad Pitt and discover a life long yearning you never knew you had to take up ballet. Or that might just be me…

Unfortunately for some people, Twilight won’t be winning any awards. To one of my dear friends that will stay anonymous, Robert Pattinson is not quite in that league yet. Sorry…


Anyway, Rach will be with you for another post tomorrow! Hope you all have a lovely night  😀



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