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I’m terribly sorry, cherubs, that I haven’t posted the last few days.  The thing is, I haven’t been doing much else either.  In fact I’ve pretty much been in bed.  On wednesday, I came down with one of those head-splitting, ear-bursting, neck-aching, glands-up, strangling, sore-throat, back-aching fevers.  So I haven’t been to work and I haven’t done any school work, and I haven’t blogged. 

On wednesday night I didn’t get a wink of sleep.  Instead I had lots of delusional awake-dreams that I was the Seer of Brennin, and I had to send a vitally important mind-message to the High Priestess, and there were visible waves of pain radiating from my eyes which triggered a massive lightning storm.  It was a very stressful dream, due, I think, to the potent mixture of the book I was reading (a stupid but very entertaining fantasy book from my childhood, which I had left at a particularly tense moment) and the actual head-pounding pain I was in.

So that leaves me at the end of the half-term, still feeling pretty rough, with nothing achieved, nothing accomplished, no money and a heck of a lot to do.  And to worry about.  If the blog slips down the list of priorities – and I don’t want it to, but it probably will – I’m sorry.  Bear with me.

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