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sisters & sparrows

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Oh my dears!  I’m feeling terribly inspired!  I’ve stumbled across a whole site with lots of amazing photographers!  Can’t wait to share some with you all. 

Tonight, though, I feel a bit funny and dizzy so I’m off to bed early.  A quick recommendation to make before I go, though: you must all watch Macbeth, the version done by the BBC for Shakespeare Re-told:

Not only is it a BRILLIANT telling of the play, it’s the first thing I ever saw James McAvoy in.  

And my sister, the lucky thing, is off to see the man himself in Three Days of Rain, in London.  She is SO excited – I would be! It’s her birthday present to herself, and we’ve been giving her all sorts of tips on how to get to meet him and what to say if she does… although I think that’s a pretty unrealistic hope!  Never mind.

Sleep well sweethearts.

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