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Well – everything is beginning to take shape… University and all.  Edinburgh said a resounding NO to the two courses I applied for there (both of which, by the way, I was overqualified for) but Warwick said yes.  I’m kind of chuffed because Warwick is known for being cutting edge and interesting – employers love you if you’ve got a degree there – and I was so worried that I’d really messed up in the interview.  So, I’m beginning to be excited!  I’ll have to work my socks off to get there though.  And there’s one down-side to the whole thing: the campus is a concrete hole, in the middle of nowhere.  I’m going to be spending three years in an environment which is totally visually uninspiring, surrounded by students the whole time.  Oh well!  I can cope!  Nearby is Warwick, of course, and that has a lovely castle – and Stratford is about half an hour away – brilliant!  Warwick’s links with RSC are good, so I’d get to watch top plays for a fiver.

Here is today’s inspiration – because it was fantastically, beautifully sunny and Springish:

These are all by Yvette Inufio.  Gorgeous, aren’t they?


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