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Sooo… tired… Saturday night was my friends annual Corndon Cottage birthday sleepover.  I’ve had the privilege of going twice now and OH MY it is SO gorgeous…  This little tiny cottage with no electricity, just gaslights and wood-burners, and a dormitory with loads of ancient sagging mattresses and lumpy pillows, in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  I don’t know who it actually belongs to, but it’s lent out to scouts and groups like that.  It was the most beautiful, beautiful night, completely clear, and we had a bonfire and the stars were massive and piercingly bright.  And I was with a big bunch of fantastic, hilarious, and dear dear friends. 

So I started going to sleep at, what, five in the morning? 

For some reason, these pictures seem just… heaven, at the moment:

{all images via we heart it – sorry, lazy I know}


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