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After a long, loooong blogging holiday, I’m going to post again. goodness knows if I’ll manage to keep it up this time, but I’ve kind of missed it, and missed you lovely people.

Here’s the last six months of my life in six bullet points:

  1. I took my a-levels. It was stressful but also, in a twisted way, a bit fun.
  2. I turned eighteen and had a big party with tents, bunting, dressing up and dancing in the rain.
  3. I went to france for three weeks, including a stop at Paris to catch the last day of the tour de france (I have NEVER screamed so loud. I was getting the most dirty looks from these americans and italians wearing louis vuitton pumps and carrying prada, but that didn’t stop me yelling at the top of my lungs ‘GO CAVENDISH GO COLUMBIA YOU’VE GOT THIRTY SECONDS HURRY UP COLUMBIAAAA.’) We also wandered round the Place Vendôme, and had dinner in Le Marais. Good to be home.
  4. I worked a  lot and spent all my money on clothes and magazines
  5. I went to split, croatia, with twelve friends. we stayed in two apartments. we cooked, went sight-seeing, took a trip to an island, wrote a brilliant journal, swam in the sea, drank cocktails and partied till five on the beach. It was really, really good.
  6. I got three As and a distinction in my A-levels (I was so shocked I was numb for days, and the best reaction my family could get out of me when they asked if I was pleased was a sort of twisted grimace.) I’m going to Warwick! I’ve bought a laptop. I’ve got tea-towels, washing powder, forks; and I’m collecting recipes. I think I’m excited, but at the same time I’m so nervous you wouldn’t believe. My heart keeps going all thumpy and bumpy. Turns out i’m a hyperventilator.

I’ve got a BILLION photos to share with you, including some new polaroids. But for today I’ll warm up gently and do the links thing.

Looking for recipes I just stumbled over 101 cookbooks. Turns out the writer Heidi Swanson is a photographer too. Did you all know about her already?

Love you all!


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