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Just had the heart-breaking experience of saying goodbye to some of the best people in the world.  University is splitting us up, several of us are off tomorrow… and these guys are the funniest, loveliest, sweetest, cleverest, craziest, kindest, coolest people i’ve ever met, and I LOVE them ALL and they are the BEST friends i’ve had in my life.

And I was SO sure I wasn’t going to cry, and it didn’t feel real at all, it felt like a big joke and we’d still be meeting at that old cafe in town for milkshake and hot chocolate and porridge tomorrow, and we were hugging, and saying goodbye, and it didn’t hit me.  And then one of my friends started walking away.  And suddenly I was sobbing like these giant ugly grimacing sobs complete with bountiful nose- and mascara-running.

I feel like my heart is being stamped on.  I feel like there are a million things I’ve left unsaid.

Um. How exactly are you meant to cope with this?


{image via we heart it}


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