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Last night, when I was curled up in bed already, I got a series of texts from my best friend who’s just moved to Birmingham for Uni.

The first one went: ‘boom boom boom x’

… a reference to ‘boom boom pow’ by the black eyed peas, which, since croatia, is pretty much the song of the summer for our whole group of friends…

The second one went: ‘mate you’re so coming out on broad st with me! XXX’

That was cool.

Then one highlighting how the birmingham clubs ‘beat the hell outta shrewsbury.’

And then this, obviously sent to me and our other two girls – the four as we refer to ourselves – ‘babes i’m missing your sexy asses here! on the Mason freshers bar crawl of the clubs are amazing. can’t wait till you come and visit me! “you say Mason, we say HALLS. Mason – HALLS, Mason – HALLS!” XXX’

πŸ˜€ I think I probably went to sleep grinning.

(nb. I realise that we wouldn’t look as sexy as kate and lily in our dresses. Unfortunately. Β Also, Katherine’s halls are in no way a masonic organisation. It is just a name.)


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