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Today I’m going to take it easy.  I might sit down and write a long list of things I still need to get to take to uni, stuff like stationary for letters to my friends, a vegetable peeler, a pair of black straight-leg jeans.

Yesterday I found out that a boy to whom I was horribly rude in a club (it was on results night, in a club packed with drunk revellers, he was twenty, he asked me which uni I was going to, I said Warwick and he said ME TOO and I was like, yeah, right – not having met anyone in Shrewsbury so far who’s going there – and being extra cautious anyway) is not only truly going to Warwick – he wasn’t lying – but he’s my brother’s next-door neighbour, and they said he’s really nice.  SO ironic.

I’ve been invited to afternoon tea at my friend’s house.  He lives down the road, but unlike us (we live in a clumpy 20 year old house that has great views but not much else going for it) his house is a beautiful red brick cosy little place, with a real log fire and millions of books about philosophy, and a cute porch full of bits and pieces from the garden.  He said he might be able to root out a sponge cake or maybe some scones if we’re lucky.  Huzzah!


{all photos from we heart it}


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