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So. This is my poem on Silence.  It’s a sestina!


The Snow


Plant your feet solidly in the soft snow

And breathe deep the stinging air

Throw back your head and search for stars

In the bowl of the gathering dusk.

Everything is bleary and muffled

And you are utterly alone


But you are revelling in being alone

Watching the slow drift of numbing snow

Over the grey forests, the fall muffled

By great pine branches in the black air

Gloomy through the smothering dusk

Too early yet for any stars


The glowing mist, too, hides the frail stars

Rolling mist which makes you completely alone

Shrouding you in the yellow foggy dusk,

Layers of opaque mist, and the burying snow

Saturating the suffocating air

So that your breathing, and your ears, are muffled


Your sight, too, completely muffled,

You definitely can’t see even a glimmer of the early stars

The lake before you is hidden in the freezing air

But you are standing on the shore alone

The dark deep water and on it the snow

Disappearing on the surface in the dusk.


And it’s moving toward night now, the dusk,

It has swallowed everything, the whole world is muffled

You can’t even hear or see the snow

Only feel it on your face uplifted to the stars

The stars you can’t see but which know you are alone

With nobody beside you, no words of love on the air,


No whispers or laughter travelling on the swimming air,

Just the dark last linger of the draining dusk

Which makes you so awfully, terribly alone

So much so that you feel like your soul is muffled

And you realize you will never catch sight of the stars

That are so wholly veiled by the black snow


You are alone but somehow strong in the thrilling air

In the snow dancing in the invisible dusk

And above you is the muffled song of the stars.



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