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London was very busy! and quite fun.  It’s such a brilliant and thrilling city, I was just gutted I didn’t get to spend a bit more time there.  Still, it does feel like a kind of alternate reality and i’m kind of relieved to get back.  The poem has nowhere near taken form.

millenium bridge

the ice rink at somerset house

my sister, posing obligingly

hundreds of santas on the underground

In other news, EJD and I did find a house on friday.  It’s a minuscule flat – dark and cramped BUT warm and modern and in the best location ever, right off the top of the parade.  Also it has a bath, an epic bonus.  And we have it to ourselves, which is kind of unusual for uni but i think it will be really fun.  No more boys playing fifa on the xbox for a start.  We can listen to Nina Simone and dance around to Michael Bublé to our hearts’ content!

So because it’s a tiny space I’ve been thinking about how we can make it really cool and practical.  Reassured by this post I got all excited about space-saving solutions and already can’t wait for that all-important trip to ikea.

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