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So this week I am going to have to write an essay about greek tragedy.  The question I’ve chosen is about leadership and the city… but when I think of leadership and the city I can’t help but think of those led – or those fighting against leadership.  Cue Antigone, Electra, Clytemnestra… Helen, Ismene.

Now, a poem I stumbled across on this site.




Your jewels and cut and my chopped dress

and awkward husband

in the lounge where he slinks

in a puff of

Hansel and Gretel jump from the idling ute

Sliced moon, you frolic

and robes sass my dirt floor

while I tear my hair, my brother’s footprints chip

and old flowers drop as you crony

through pamphlets of behaviour

for your blow-in – old admirer in his hushed shirt

proffering a bar stool while my herd goats bleat


Aztec’d life of laurels and libations

who died in the cause

I texta out stains and mistakes on my clothes

and pan the earth for ribboned hope

apart, a clue, his grassy voice cracked like an axe

or false memory that shoos you to a bride

A king at work a cairn at home

when night clumps like a jigsaw

You choose the finish and intent in your spiralled city’s

claimed suburb where I’m hostage to your incursions

your whim to broach my brother’s track

his beauty has left me that used to crinkle air. I tramp through ash

to look for the most wished for


© 2001, Gig Ryan
From: Heroic Money
Publisher: Brandl & Schlesinger, Melbourne, 2001
ISBN: 1876040335




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