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I’m home again for Christmas.  This term has been hard: and I’ve been so busy that I’ve had very little time to invest in my friends.  So I’m glad to be with my family again, and rest a little, and get in the mood for Christmas again.

We decorated the tree yesterday.  We had to make sure that all the decorations were above child-grabbing height, which was a novelty – I’m not used to having small kids around at Christmas.  This year my brother and sister-in-law will be with us so my two nephews will no doubt be happily running riot. (Rather, E will be, he’s the perfect age to properly love Christmas – 3; S is too young yet.  He can only roll.  He will be rolling and laughing to his heart’s content though.)

{Wonderful painting, no?  My sister, Beth Fletcher, is a genius artist.  Go and have a look at her work.}

And here’s a poem.  My current favourite, discovered in The Rattle Bag.

Dusk in the Country

Harry Edmund Martinson

from the Swedish {trans. Robert Bly}


The riddle silently sees its image.  It spins evening

among the motionless reeds.

There is a frailty no one notices

there, in the web of grass.


Silent cattle stare with green eyes.

They mosey in evening calm down to the water.

And the lake holds its immense spoon

up to all the mouths.


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