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Ah, Balthazar, you did me proud today.  I asked you to send a letter to my friend who had been feeling a little melancholy.  I gave you a few sparse details – that she has thick hair that she’s very proud of, that she loves the poetry of Keats, that she has green eyes, and so on.  Today it arrived on our doorstep, this missive, beautifully stamped and containing a cheeky risqué polaroid, lines of Keats and rapt references to EJD’s ‘Aphrodite hair’.

Hilariously, I got a call from EJD who wanted to relate this ‘freaky event’, and began her tale with a slight tremor of panic, wondering who was this strange foreign man in a sailor’s cap who was writing her love letters.  I was forced to admit my part in the whole escapade.

I also have to admit I requested a letter for myself… Balthazar, I wait with baited breath.


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