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Yep I caught an early train today and arrived on the platform of shrewsbury at 12.25.  I was met by my mum and sister who took me out for lunch.  We went for a mooch round the shops (actually just one amazing shop, amazing), and then Mum and I piled round to my sister-in-law’s house to see her and my nephews, who were up to their usual tricks.

Quote of the day:

Elf: ‘This is the Most. Fun. Game. in the whole NEW SPRING WORLD’  (only i didn’t hear him at first, he was siting inside a clothes rack (I mean, castle) and thought he said, this is the most fun came in the new SPRING ROLL.  Easy mistake.  Also, the Most Fun Game was re-lacing my shoe, which he found absurdly fascinating).

I’ll try and do a proper post tomorrow, I promise.  (Functioning word being try there).

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