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sisters & sparrows

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The quieter you travel, the farther you’ll get.

— Russian Proverb

I’ve been reading (or more like, watching) the blog Mr and Mrs Globe Trot for ages now and just ache with jealousy.  Yeah I know we shouldn’t covet, but really?  Difficult, in this case.

I think you either have or don’t have the travel bug.  If you do have it, you’ll forgo almost anything to go to another country, to eat its dinners and swim in its lakes, struggle with its language, meet its people, see its customs.  I’ve been saving my pennies and as well as the Morocco trip this summer, I’m planning to go to Albania, and then maybe up along the coast to Montenegro and Split…

Here’s a few glimpses of the travels of Julia and Yuriy.  Sometimes just the little things that stick with you, of a life on the move.  To brighten up your tuesday evening.

I strongly recommend you click on the photos, to see the whole post; or just have a good browse on their blog.  The photographs look tons better in a bigger format.

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