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Taking a leaf out of Erica‘s book I’m going to tell you a few of the things in life that I most love.  Non-book or poetry related.  Guys, this will be informative for you.  After you understand that I love these things, you will have new insight into the philosophy of my life.


I have to stress that bread and jam must be enjoyed only when the bread is hot out of the oven, a fat doorstep of homemade loaf or a hunk of baguette, a fat bit of salted butter, and maybe raspberry jam.  Excellent with thick french coffee.  If I have kids they will have this on Sunday afternoons without fail, with warm milk.

Yessss.  Treehouses.  I’ve never been in one ever but I’ve always wanted one.  They’ve always fascinated me.  Those amazing treehouse cities with mazes of bridges and ladders, also the modern minimalist pod ones with huge windows.  I’d love to stay here.

Castles.  Any castle.  I’m obsessed with King Arthur and the knights and all that (never quite grew out of it).  This castle is one of my top favourites.  (If you live in England you should absolutely visit it.)  I like the ones that are quite ruined so you can have a proper explore and imagine how it used to look, and find little nooks where no-one else goes and imagine queens gazing out of windows there and so on.

Uh.  Cheese.  Specifically, shropshire blue.  Seriously though, Sunday evenings have been cheese and wine evenings at home for as long as I can remember.  I miss the tradition at uni (what student can afford it).  On a tangent, I also love food photography.  Specifically Katie Quinn Davies‘.  I think I have a bit of a girl crush on her.

The Armoury.  This is my favourite pub in the world and a default meeting place for me and my Shrewsbury friends.  It’s got humongous bookshelves along two whole walls, and all the chairs and tables are mismatched.  They have loads of local ales and the food is wonderful.

The Stiperstones.  I just love this hill.  It has a lot of good memories.  Also legends!  I love legends.

And I also love people who talk about books and their arms get all animated and their eyes shine and I love it when people talk about God like that too – even better when it’s both combined, like when they’re chatting C S Lewis.  I love it when my flatmates order take out for me and we drink beer and watch rubbish telly.  I love misty mornings that turn into yellow afternoons.  I love trudging through the countryside in the rain when I’m wearing chunky boots.

I’ll stop now.


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