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Tonight I went to see The Tempest by Cheek by Jowl in the Warwick Arts Centre.  (On my own, might I add.  I secretly love going to the cinema, to the theatre, for coffee, on my own).  Russian company, Irish director.

It was all in Russian.



Here’s what Le Figaro said when the show came to Paris:

«This is a very clear-cut, bold, playful and stirring performance. It is Russian and it is Irish too. It is the summit of the world literature. It is Shakespeare at his most universal best.  <…>

This time we are offered Shakespeare’s testamentary play performed by Russian actors. Isn’t it a bit too supercilious to go to Sceaux to watch great Shakespeare performed in Russian? No, it isn’t. That night public was reluctant to let the actors quit the stage after all the joyful and striking experiences they made us go through.  <…>

Declan Donnellan managed to dig down to the ultimate meaning of the play and he did it with childish affection. He presented us with the childhood of the art. ».

Armelle Héliot – «Le Figaro»

Amen.  More than that, the actors had great presence, they were so tangible, their noises, the energy of the movements they made – I understood so much before even glancing at the surtitles.  Miranda was amazing, portrayed as this kind of feral child who crouched low, bit and licked things… bizarre and wonderful.


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