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Remember I said I was knitting while watching the Super Bowl?  Well this is what I was knitting:

I kept seeing people wearing these ear warmer things all winter, and I really wanted one.  But the only ones I could find in shops had silly flowers on, or were made of manky acrylic wool.  So I took the matter into my own hands.  Hey presto!  My first knitted item is (more or less) a success!


I can’t remember who did a post about Humanoid, but I do remember thinking… I’ve heard that name before, and never checked it out.

So I clicked.  And discovered!!  Just way too cool for school minimilast quirky chic.  I like it a lot.

I have a job!  I’m the new Saturday girl at our Christian bookshop.  The pay is minimul wage – they can’t afford any more than that – but for me, having never had a job before, £30 a week will make a massive difference!  

For instance, a trip to the cinema and a new pair of jeans difference!  And summer clothes!!  So many materialistic joys!  Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?  I would have got a job waaay sooner.

Anyway, here’s my hit list:

Laura Navajo Gladiator Tan Sandals


Vintage Rose Skirt


Tabitha Dress



(Is it weird that I love that plaid blouse so much?  Because I really really do.)

Oh my.  This is… beautiful.  She is stunning, isn’t she?

From Garance, of course.

If I had all the money in the world, I’d immediately buy and then find occasion to wear this outfit: 

details here

I know it’s terrible, but I really want a Christmas jumper.  The uglier, the more garish, the better. I want one that’s so trashy it hurts to look at.  A Bridget Jones’ Darcy type jumper.

Maybe like these:

Help me here – am I alone?  Or do you crave a hideous Christmas jumper too?

This Franco-Columbian company, Warmi, is absolutely, crushingly gorgeous.  What lovely photographs!  What lovely, chunky, touchable pieces!  What a lovely model!  (I think, by the way, that the model has PERFECT hair.  That is the hair I wish I had.)

What I also like is that there are little biographies and pictures of some of the people who knit the clothes for them, like this one:

Maria Pachon lives with her husband who works in the fields. Having two children to support, she piled up unstable jobs untils she joined the association three years ago. She knits for us the Paulina collars.

What a cool idea!  I’d feel much happier buying from them knowing that their stuff was made by smiley people like Maria.


via Disenyo