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An old fashioned, light-hearted, link-happy post for you today.

Photographs from 10-10, a collaboration between 10 photographers from 10 different places, who all took 10 photos on the 10/10/10.  It’s a lot of numbers, but don’t let that put you off, there are some real jewels to be found.  Discovered viabawkbawkbawk, aka Jacinta Moore, one of the contributors.

Apparently Baz Luhrman of Romeo and Juliet fame is taking on The Great Gatsby.  Now I’m  secret fan of film adaptations; I haven’t seen any of the other Gatsby films; I love the book; I’m excited.  What do you reckon?

It is imperative to check out the new blog of my great friend EJD, yellowdrama.  She’s new to the blogging world but she’s an absolute legend, I promise you.

Toast: always, always amazing.  I get their email updates which are like nuggets of awesomeness arriving in my inbox.  I wish my wardrobe was full of their cothes.

For your own good you must go and see the incredible posts of food blogger Katie Quinn Davies, on What Katie Ate. This is the type of blog that I can’t spend too long on because it’s all far too wonderful.  Have to take it in in small bites.  I am just crazy envious of her culinary genius: I have neither the skill nor the patience to create this kind of food.

Now!  There are essays to be writ!


After a long, loooong blogging holiday, I’m going to post again. goodness knows if I’ll manage to keep it up this time, but I’ve kind of missed it, and missed you lovely people.

Here’s the last six months of my life in six bullet points:

  1. I took my a-levels. It was stressful but also, in a twisted way, a bit fun.
  2. I turned eighteen and had a big party with tents, bunting, dressing up and dancing in the rain.
  3. I went to france for three weeks, including a stop at Paris to catch the last day of the tour de france (I have NEVER screamed so loud. I was getting the most dirty looks from these americans and italians wearing louis vuitton pumps and carrying prada, but that didn’t stop me yelling at the top of my lungs ‘GO CAVENDISH GO COLUMBIA YOU’VE GOT THIRTY SECONDS HURRY UP COLUMBIAAAA.’) We also wandered round the Place Vendôme, and had dinner in Le Marais. Good to be home.
  4. I worked a  lot and spent all my money on clothes and magazines
  5. I went to split, croatia, with twelve friends. we stayed in two apartments. we cooked, went sight-seeing, took a trip to an island, wrote a brilliant journal, swam in the sea, drank cocktails and partied till five on the beach. It was really, really good.
  6. I got three As and a distinction in my A-levels (I was so shocked I was numb for days, and the best reaction my family could get out of me when they asked if I was pleased was a sort of twisted grimace.) I’m going to Warwick! I’ve bought a laptop. I’ve got tea-towels, washing powder, forks; and I’m collecting recipes. I think I’m excited, but at the same time I’m so nervous you wouldn’t believe. My heart keeps going all thumpy and bumpy. Turns out i’m a hyperventilator.

I’ve got a BILLION photos to share with you, including some new polaroids. But for today I’ll warm up gently and do the links thing.

Looking for recipes I just stumbled over 101 cookbooks. Turns out the writer Heidi Swanson is a photographer too. Did you all know about her already?

Love you all!

I am on my own in the house at the moment, Mum and Dad being away on holiday – and it is BRILL.  I can eat what I want, play the music I want, watch what TV I want.  Sure, the novelty wears off a bit when you have to do all the dishwashers and all the other million household jobs, and you can’t get lifts anywhere… but I’m looking on the bright side!

Today I went food shopping and bought all my favourite foods: veg for a stir-fry, kabanos, marshmallows, soya milk for lattes, pierogi… YUM.  It’s so nice going round the shops and just picking whatever you feel like. 

Now I’m going to have a bit of a go at my french coursework, then make my stir-fry, watch the end of my DVD (Elizabeth: The Golden Age – fanTAStic) and hopefully get an early night.

I’ll leave you with a bit of eye-candy to get you through the rest of the week:

Camilla Åkrans » Acne paper » 1

Something about musicians, no?  Photo from here.

{images by Eva Lindh}


After reading Miel et Cannelle’s fascinating interview post, I thought I’d volunteer!  She’s given me the most loveliest questions ever and I’m so excited about this post.  Now I want some of you bloggers who read fishing for beautiful to pick up the gauntlet, ok?  Here are the rules:

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are the questions A sent me:
1. You’re blog tells us all about your incredible style, but not much about you! What are you studying in school? What do you hope to do career wise? What put you on that path?
Well for a start, many thanks for saying I have incredible style!  I’m not sure if it really counts in the Real World, since what I blog about and what I actually wear/buy/own is somewhat different.
At the moment I’m in the upper sixth, so studying for A Levels (and it’s foul.  Really foul).  My subjects are English Literature, History and French.  Literature is my thing, I think.  I absolutely love reading and – perhaps most of all – discussing my ideas and thoughts with others.  I love Elizabeth I, love Marie-Antoinette, love Paris, love croissants.  My french accent is pretty darn good but I’m awful at grammar.  My essays are hit and miss: sometimes they’re brilliant (if I do say so myself) and sometimes they are truly awful.
Career wise, I have no clue.  Maybe editing?  Publishing?  MI6?  Who knows!  But I think i’d really want to be a mother, a grandmother.  That would be a great career for me.    
2. You haven’t been blogging for too long now – what made you start a blog? What keeps you blogging?
I started blogging because I was just too inspired to keep it all in anymore.  Because I couldn’t tell anyone I knew about the clothes, or the art, the photography that I liked (they just couldn’t be interested).  I was driven to it.  Also I’d been reading blogs for quite a while, and I loved the way bloggers write; they’re so warm and witty.  It seemed like there was a lot of friendship and sharing going on and I wanted a piece of it.
And I keep blogging because I haven’t yet stopped finding beautiful things.  Will I ever?  
3. We’re in a time of economic turmoil.. great. If somebody gave you 100$ to spend purely on a luxury, what would it be?
This is a difficult one!  100$…  I think it would have to be something I could share with a few favourite friends.  Spending 100$ on myself would seem a bit indulgent.  The best things are the things that can be shared.  So maybe a really fantastic meal, with loads of super exotic delicacies.  Maybe a lovely relaxing spa treatment.  Or hiring a great car and driving to the top of a hill with wonderful views and cracking open champagne and eating strawberries on a red checked rug.  That’d be good.  
4. If you could invite 5 bloggers to dinner, who would they be and why?
I’d invite Garance Doré, because she seems to me so quintessentially Parisian in every way: it would be lovely to hear the french accent and absorb her Paris glow.  I think she’d have some brilliant stories to tell about the things she’s done and the people she’s met.  I’d invite Agathe from Style Bytes, even though she doesn’t blog anymore, just because I miss her updates and I feel like I need to catch up with her.  She has the most amazing sense of style, so I’d love some of her hints and tips!  I’d invite Kathryn from Snippet and Ink because she’d have so many romantic, feelgood tales to tell.  I’d invite Peonies and Polaroids because I would be able to pester her to tell me all about her home, Scotland, where I hope to live next year (later this year! agh!).  And I’d invite A from Miel et Cannelle.  We could discuss philosophy and moan about essays and swap stories about our travels.
5. What is one of the best meals you’ve eaten? Where, why, and what was it?
Ok, this really is impossible.  I might be able to narrow it down to two maybe, or three.
One of them is in Thailand, on a wooden pier looking out to sea, at sunset.  It was a fish restaurant in Hua Hin, 2005.  I had seabass.  While we were eating, a boy came round selling offerings of rosebuds and jasmine buds.  I bought one and put it in my hair with an orchid. 
Another is Poland.  We were travelling between a seaside town, Łeba, and Krakow, and we stopped off at a little farm overnight.  We were the only ones staying there.  We had lovely, homemade Polish food for tea – pierogi, i think, and barszcz (that’s dumplings and beetroot soup to you and me) – accompanied by the farmer playing his accordion for background music.  When we complimented him on the food and the playing he brought his daughter out to play flute, and then sent his wife outside.  She was ages, and we were wondering where she’d got to when she came back with fresh, frothy, warm milk for us.
The last is Italy – eating just inside the walls of a medieval town, outside, fresh pasta, fresh everything, free limoncello.  Down the road the town band was practising for a festa later in the week.  Fantastic!
Thanks A for your challenging and fun questions!  
If any of you guys fancy answering some get in touch and I’ll try to pick really good ones.

Peonies and Polaroids has this photo on her blog:

It’s a chestnut pan!  I love chestnuts.  I love the song (you know the one).  I love Christmas, and now I feel hungry.

The pan’s from here if you want to buy it for me. 

I had my first Christmas concert today.  So I’m thinking it might be time to start making these:

Yum! I love them.  A recipe here.